Infinity Educational Programs INC.

Infinity Educational Programs Inc.

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Our summer program is unique in that it provides summer fun side by side with continued academic enrichment.  Our themes help teach the children, provide engaging activities and are fun.


Do you want stability or chaos for your child this summer? 


  • Our camp is fun, safe and engaging!
  • The children spend hours in our beautiful play yard.

  • They may be playing with water, sand, arts-n-crafts material or just exploring.

  • Camp will be broken into Upper Camp (Ages 5-12) and Lower Camp (Ages 2-6) 

 Upper Camp Weekly Themes:

  •         Photography
  •         Writing
  •         Sports & Rec
  •         Painting
  •         Science Exploration
  •         Games & Events
  •         Weekly Trips, shows and camp night events

 Lower Camp will follow Mother Goose Time summer curriculum with monthly themes:

  •         Let's Go to the Circus
  •          Little Architects
  •          Fun for All!

Infinity Educational Programs

Marine Park                                                                          Gerritsen Beach                              

1972 E. 34th Street                                                                2934-2936 Gerritsen Avenue

Brooklyn,NY 11234                                                                Brooklyn,NY 11239