Infinity Educational Programs INC.

Infinity Educational Programs Inc.

Infinity is an early childhood education center that offers high quality child care for children ages 2-6.  At our center, we provide your child with an unsurpassed learning experience while caring for them in our warm, safe environment.  In a recent survey parents rated our center as friendly, warn and welcoming.  Your children will love learning through play and exploration at Infinity.  They will  make friends and building strong relationships with their teachers.  We have been serving the Marine Park Community since 1993.  Our staff are trained, experienced professionals who collaborate to prepare your child on their journey from preschool to college.

We offer:

           Nursery 2-3          

           Preschool 3-4  

          PKA Class 4-5

           Summer Camp



Infinity Educational Programs

Marine Park                                                                          Gerritsen Beach                              

1972 E. 34th Street                                                                2934-2936 Gerritsen Avenue

Brooklyn,NY 11234                                                                Brooklyn,NY 11239