Infinity Educational Programs INC.

Infinity Educational Programs Inc.

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All PKA programs are not the same!

Your child should be with an experienced provider.

Infinity PKA prepares children for kindergarten through fun, interactive activities.

Our students are happy and have a nurtured love for learning.


Parent Participation Program:


Infinity has been commended by NYCDOE specialist for actively engaging  parents in participating with their child's education.


Parents are always welcomed at Infinity to work along side our staff in implementing our learning activities.


Research Based Preparation: 

Infinity's focus on preparing students for kindergarten is based on scientific research of kindergarten teachers expectations from area schools.


PKA at Infinity is:

  • Interesting
  • Nurturing
  • Fun
  • Inviting
  • News Worthy
  • Innovative
  • Trustworthy
  • Your Best Choice




Infinity Educational Programs

Marine Park                                                                          Gerritsen Beach                              

1972 E. 34th Street                                                                2934-2936 Gerritsen Avenue

Brooklyn,NY 11234                                                                Brooklyn,NY 11239