Infinity Educational Programs INC.

Infinity Educational Programs Inc.

Infinity Early Childhood Center, a place where educators use current research to build your child's education foundation.

Our Mission Statement-

Infinity was established on the philosophy that learning never ends.  Our preschool’s mission is to provide a loving, nurturing, safe environment where children can explore and learn in our care while we are preparing them for kindergarten.  Our teachers are dedicated to providing a learning environment that is prepared with material that enable every child to learn through exploration and play. Our curriculum builds a foundation for each child’s future education and is based on early childhood developmentally appropriate practice and the NYS Common Core Learning Standards.  Our school fosters a love and excitement for learning that grows as our students do.  When children move on from Infinity they are prepared, confident and ready for success in kindergarten and the rest of their formal education.

Infinity Educational Programs

Marine Park                                                                          Gerritsen Beach                              

1972 E. 34th Street                                                                2934-2936 Gerritsen Avenue

Brooklyn,NY 11234                                                                Brooklyn,NY 11239